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The lowrider bike is an indelible symbol of West Coast culture. The instantly recognizable chrome frames, white walled wheels and candy color paint jobs have cruised low and slow down L.A.'s boulevards for decades. But as ubiquitous as lowrider culture has become, lowrider bikes trace their lineage back to one man, operating out of a deceptively simple Compton bike shop. Manny Silva, the "Godfather" of lowrider bikes.

Manny started fixing bikes in Mexico at the age of 10 to help support his family. Years later in 1973, he moved to Compton, California and opened Manny's Bike Shop. Taking inspiration from vibrant, stylish, and colorful lowrider cars, he began creating his own iconic lowrider bikes. With each one featuring his signature flourishes, his bikes quickly gained popularity in California and beyond. Now over 40 years later, his bikes are still made by hand. Made with love. And most importantly, made for the people of his cherished community of Compton.

We're excited to announce a custom collaboration with Manny's Bike Shop as part of our new Loco Gifts & Gear Store. Featuring the one-of-a-kind La Flama Lowrider Bicycle hand made by Manny and a full line of gear celebrating our new partnership. Check out our exclusive collaboration with Manny and the coolest lowrider bike we've ever seen by clicking [Here].


Surfing has long been connected to Southern California culture. The epic swells, stunning coastline, and perfect weather have given birth to plenty of big-name professional surfers over the years. But while all California surfers know how to surf waves, not all are able to make waves. Let alone do so while being a local Latino kid from Venice Beach.

Rick Massie started surfing at age 10 when he would spend his days on the water with friends by the Venice Beach Boardwalk. His hobby eventually led to a career when he turned pro at the age of 18 and became the first Mexican American professional surfer ever. While on the circuit, he made a name for himself with his fast welterweight flow, outsider attitude and tenacity. After his surf pro days were over, he set up shop in Scott Anderson's legendary board factory and began shaping surfboards of his own. Where he continues to influence the growing Latino surf culture while hand-shaping some of the best boards in the water today.

We're delighted to announce a collaboration with Rick Massie as part of our new Loco Gifts & Gear Store. Including an exclusive hand-shaped three-fin surfboard featuring a custom David Flores Luchador design. Plus, a full line of gear celebrating our partnership. Check out our Rick Massie collection and get your hands on this surfboard before its gone by clicking [Here].


Take a short drive around Los Angeles and you're sure to see the murals adorning buildings, businesses, and local staples. That's because in Southern California murals aren't just decoration. They're an expression the social and historical fabric of the culture, particularly the SoCal Latino culture. And they're just as much a part of the landscape as the Hollywood Hills, pulsing freeways and Pacific Ocean.

It's a landscape that Southern California's own David Flores is proud to be a part of. David is an internationally recognized muralist, painter, and designer from Tulare, California. After starting his career as a designer in the skateboarding industry, he became known for his public works of art featuring his own unique style of stained-glass style portraits, bold and colorful geometric patterns, and highly visual shading. In his long and storied career, he's had the opportunity to collaborate with various museums, companies, and institutions from all over the world. And his art can be seen in cities from New York to Tokyo.

We're proud to announce our first ever collaboration with David Flores as part of launching our Loco Gifts & Gear Store. Featuring David's signature look and custom L.A. Mex inspired designs on skateboard decks, hoodies, hats, and board shorts. We invite you to browse David's exclusive designs and order a little piece of this great partnership for yourself. Check out our full collaboration with David and more L.A. based artisans [Here].